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University of Vienna, FEWD Project: “Food and wine culture in British vegetarian gastronomy – a new ethical hedonism!? With special focus: European wine as common cultural heritage."

Dear Sir or Madam,        Vienna, 2013.07.19

May I briefly introduce our research project for an academic paper with the planned title “Food and Wine culture in British vegetarian gastronomy – a new ethical hedonism!?” and inform you about an (video) interview opportunity?

My name is Erwin Lengauer and I work as a bioethicist: at the University of Vienna. For many years now I have been a coordinator in the field of Interdisciplinary Food Ethics: and in particular, the flourishing area of interdisciplinary vegetarian studies: as well as the now started long term project “Food and Wine Culture in Vegetarian Gastronomy –”.

For the “Food and wine culture in British vegetarian gastronomy – a new ethical hedonism!?” research we focus on analyzing and archiving nearly 100 percent of the peer-reviewed articles dealing with vegetarianism from the humanities and social sciences. We have been using these articles for many years to increase university students' interest in the topic of multidisciplinary vegetarian studies. To further this research we have selected a list of relevant British vegetarian restaurants from: <link britain>

. This external nonprofit project website was established with some of my colleagues from vocational schools, food writers / journalists and the Vienna Veggie Wine Club.

As a representative of one of the selected restaurants I would like to arrange a (video) interview with you during my planned visit to Britain in August this year. In return for supporting our research your establishment would receive the 'Top Vegetarian Restaurants' sticker telling your guests that the TVR network recommends your restaurant: <link supporter>

and online space for a picture at <link britain>

and the relevant region. In addition, every supporter will be our special guest at the Vienna Veggie Wine Club tasting – every first Friday a month – during their next visit to Vienna. The Vienna Veggie Wine Club: – founded 2000 – encourages the establishment of new Veggie Wine Clubs/Circles in cooperation with vegetarian restaurants. Currently we are working on receiving more support from the European Union, European wine regions and European wineries. The TVR also cooperates with most of the members of the EVU: and IVU: and became already the leading renowned online-source about vegetarian restaurants. We received also some practical inspiration from organizations like The International Wine & Food Society:  and The American Institute of Wine & Food: . Please contact me at your earliest convenience to organize the details for an interview. My time in Britain will be quite limited and I want to make sure I do as many interviews as possible. Please see the planned timetable at <link britain research2013timetabel>

PS: I will also publish in the next winter issue of the German veggie society print magazine a huge article about veggie restaurants in Britain. I already published in the summer issue a well received article about NYC, see the PDF at   

I hope very much to hear from you soon.

With best regards

Erwin Lengauer 



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