A / Vienna: Yamm at Universitätsring 10

A / Domäne Wachau

A / Vienna: Tian - Michelin starred

USA / NYC: Candle 79

USA / Ft. Lauderdale: Sublime

USA / San Francisco: Millenium

D / Berlin: Lucky Leek

GB / London: Manna

F / Paris: Le Grenier de Notre Dame

Contact to VegGastronomy.net
General coordinator  Erwin Lengauer, Vienna
CET 9.am - 6.pm, Phone: 0043-676-3572671


- How you can support VegCulture.net
Become acquainted to the VegGastronomy.net Team  at the Vienna Veggie Wine Club mettings, every first Friday a month.

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Meet the VegGastronomy.net Team at Vienna Veggie Wine Club

A / Vienna: YAMM

A / Vienna: Hollerei

USA / Seattle: Cafe Flora

GB / London: The Gate

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