A / Vienna: TIAN

USA / Chicago: Karyn's on Green

A / Vienna: Yamm

USA / NYC: Blossom

A / Vienna: Yamm

USA / San Francisco: Millenium



Useful information offer Wikipedia, Happycow and the Belgium Vegetarian Society, placed in Ghent

VegCulture.net selected in cooperation with food journalist three must visit veggie restaurants / bistros.

Le Botaniste
www.lebotaniste.be / Facebook
Hoornstraat 13, Ghent 9000

Summer 2015 started this stylish vegan bistro
Reviews: happycow.net, tripadvisor.net

For dinner definitely the best veggie places in Ghent are

Komkommertijd  www.komkommertijd.be  / Facebook
Reep 14, Oost-Vlaanderen, Ghent 9000
Vegan all you can eat and with a great organic wine and beer list!
Reviews: happycow.net, tripadvisor.net  

De Zuidkant  www.dezuidkant.be  / Facebook
Frederik Burvenichstraat 156, Ghent 9050
Reviews: happycow.net, tripadvisor.net     


More veggie restaurants at happycow!


GB / London: The Gate

GB / London: Manna