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Germany - Restaurant Guides

The Michelin Red Guides and the Gault Millau Guides have become widely known as the world’s most respected sources of restaurant and hotel evaluations.
But from a vegetarian or especially vegan point of view the problem is that the Michelin Guides and the Gault Millau like other classic restaurant guides are "totally meat obsessed".
But slowly things are changing - see especially USA - in Berlin the Cookies Cream is the first German veg restaurant recommended in Gault Millau  Also it is recommended together with La Mano Verde in Der Feinschmecker Restaurant Guide.

Selected Guides 2011 and 2012:
Michelin Guide Deutschland, recommendations to more than 4000 hotels and 1500 restaurants with 0 veg restaurant.
Gault Millau -Deutschland, recommendations to more than 370 hotels and 1060 restaurants with 1 veg restaurant.
Der Feinschmecker Restaurant Guide, recommendations to 800 restaurants with 2 veg restaurants.
Der Große Restaurant & Hotel Guide, recommendations to 4200 hotels / restaurants with 0 veg restaurants.
Varta-Führer,  recommendations to more than 5000 hotels and 2500 restaurants with 0 veg restaurant.
Schlemmer Atlas,  recommendations to more than 4000 restaurants with 2 veg restaurants.

Selected City Guides:
Prinz Top Guide www.Prinz.de  - Wikipedia
The Prinz Top Guides about Berlin, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Köln, Leipzig, München, Stuttgart are much more veg restaurant friendlier!
Time Out http://www.timeout.com/berlin  

Basic information about veggie restaurants offer happycow.net - with more than 720 Listings in Germany, see also tripadvisor.com

Some city guides of the german publishing house DuMont recommend very intersting veggie restaurants.

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