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About: The platform VegCulture.net - was starting in the year 2000 as an idea by a multidisciplinary food ethics group at the FEWD of the University of Vienna - a group especially concerned with vegetarianism / veganism in food and animal studies. Together with engaged researcher, writer, journalists, teacher and students VegCulture.net tries to increase especially the topic of the culture of vegetarian / vegan gastronomy in journalism and  academic research . For the encreasing academic research the FEWD - supported by VegCulture.net - started 2015 the general ECSSV - Encyclopedia for Cultural and Social Studies on Vegetarianism and Veganism.  VegCulture.net supports at ECSSV  research about vegetarian / vegan gastronomy through supporting writer and students in the humanities and social sciences. The VegCulture.net website is a practical outcome to offer reliable information for a broader audience. VegCulture.net is also together with the University of Vienna / FEWD foodethics research area part of a loose food studies network with research units like Gastrosophie at University of Salzburg and similar institutions in other countries.
The necessity of more and better reasoning about the topic of vegetarianism seems evident, for example The Guardian “Vegetarian food was never really synonymous with fine dining, but ..." But now, the times are changing faster as pointed out by The Guardian and The Independent The rise and rise of the vegetarian.”  More and more restaurateurs are offering good vegetarian or even vegan food. Together with fine organic wine, beer, whisky and other beverages, gourmets and ethical hedonists are experiencing ever more satisfaction. Even the “meat obsessed” bible of gastronomy, the Michelin Guide has increased their recommendations for vegetarian and vegan (!) restaurants. The same is true of other important restaurant guides. The rising demand for vegan nouvelle cuisine inspired 25 of today’s greatest chefs, including T. Keller, J. Vongerichten, E. Ripert, C. Trotter, and many other James Beard award-winning chefs to publish the first high end vegan cookbook. The Michelin Guide recommended vegan/vegetarian restaurants such as TIAN Vienna, Millenium, BlossomPure Food and Wine, Greens, Vanilla Black, Terre a Terre, and other recognised restaurants in the USA Candle79, Horizons, Karyn’s on Green, Madeleine Bistro, HanGawi, Sublime. In Britain SAF, Manna, The Gate, David Bann, … already fulfill such veg nouvelle cuisine standards.
The recommended restaurants, pubs and bars on our country pages have been chosen to compare with other restaurants in the same price-bracket. There they are arranged by starting on top with the Fine Dining / Haute Cuisine restaurants (if available) to more basic style restaurants, which are more affordable.
Please contribute your own veggie restaurant critics especially at Happycow  and Tripadvisor  Enjoy yourself!
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