List of Journal, based on ASFS and Selected Academic Journals Dealing with Psychological, Social, and Cultural Aspects of Food, Eating, and Nutrition. (See also our journal list about gastronomy)

Agriculture and Human Values, 1984-

Anthropology of Food, 2001-

Appetite, 1980-

British Food Journal, 1899-  -

Culture, Agriculture, Food and Environment, 1977- (Formerly: Culture and Agriculture)

Eating Behaviors, 2000-

Ecology of Food and Nutrition, 1971-

Family Economics and Nutrition Review, 1943-

Food, Culture, and Society, 1996-

Food and Foodways, 1985-

Food and History, 2003-

Food Policy, 1975-

Food Quality and Preference, 1988-

Gastronomica, 2001-

International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 2004-

International Journal of the Sociology of Agriculture and Food, 1991-  

Journal Culinaire - Kultur und Wissenschaft des Essens, seit 2005-

Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, 1988-

Journal of Food Distribution Research, 1960-

Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 1969-  

International Journal of Wine Business Research