A / Vienna: Yamm at Universitätsring 10

A / Domäne Wachau

A / Vienna: Tian - Michelin starred

USA / NYC: Candle 79

USA / Ft. Lauderdale: Sublime

USA / San Francisco: Millenium

D / Berlin: Lucky Leek

GB / London: Manna

F / Paris: Le Grenier de Notre Dame

Forbes Travel Guide - www.startle.com (Till 2010 forbestravelguide.com)

Wikipedia:  Forbes Travel Guide (formerly known as Mobil Guide or Mobil Travel Guide) is a <link wiki star_rating mw-redirect>star rating service and series of <link wiki travel_guide mw-redirect>travel guides for hotels, restaurants and spas.<link typo3>[1] In 2011, Forbes Travel Guide published its last set of guidebooks and as of November 15, 2011, launched its new web 3.0 platform and online home, which covers 72 U.S. markets and five international markets—Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing, Singapore and the Dominican Republic. Startle combines Forbes Travel Guide’s Five-Star travel ratings system with insights and perspectives from Forbes Travel Guide’s own inspectors. This website marks the first time in the company's history that the information is available to the public online, alongside expert answers from tastemakers, consumers, and some of the world’s leading hotel, restaurant and spa brands.

Meet the VegGastronomy.net Team at Vienna Veggie Wine Club

A / Vienna: YAMM

A / Vienna: Hollerei

USA / Seattle: Cafe Flora

GB / London: The Gate

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