A / Vienna: Yamm at Universitätsring 10

A / Domäne Wachau

A / Vienna: Tian - Michelin starred

USA / NYC: Candle 79

USA / Ft. Lauderdale: Sublime

USA / San Francisco: Millenium

D / Berlin: Lucky Leek

GB / London: Manna

F / Paris: Le Grenier de Notre Dame

Gault Millau
(2012 there are six printed country guide books available)

Austria www.gaultmillau.at
Belgium & Luxembourg www.gaultmillau.be
France www.gaultmillau.fr
Germany http://gaultmillau.de
The Netherlands www.gaultmillau.nl  
Switzerland http://gaultmillau.de 
More background information about Gault Millau at Wikipedia.

Like the Michelin Red Guides the Gault Millau Guides have become widely known as the world’s most respected source of restaurant and hotel evaluations. But from a vegetarian or especially vegan point of view the problem is that both guides, the Michelin Guides and the Gault Millau are nearly "totally meat obsessed". 
But slowly things are changing, see especially Micheln Guides about USA.

In all six Gault Millau Guides you can only find one vegetarian restaurant, which is in Berlin - the Cookies Cream.

More background information about Gault Millau at Wikipedia. Also interesting is that in he U.S., André Gayot, one of the founders of Gault Millau France has released from 1986 to 2000 many guide books under both names of Gault Millau and Gayot. After the severance of the relationship between the new owners of Gault Millau France and André Gayot, the guide books were published in the US under the sole name of Gayot. Gayot.com is one of the major web restaurant and travel site in the U.S. "

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A / Vienna: YAMM

A / Vienna: Hollerei

USA / Seattle: Cafe Flora

GB / London: The Gate

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