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A / Vienna: Tian

Welcome to EWCVG - European Wine Culture in Vegetarian and Vegan Gastronomy!
The EWCVG - a educational non-Profit 
 network was started in 2000 by the food culture project VegCulture.net which cooperates with the FEWD - University of Vienna research programm VegStudies. One of the supporter is the ViennaVeggieWineClub.net.

The EWCVG is online at <link wine>


with forward via wine-culture.eu and wine-culture.net. One of the primary aims of the EWCVG network is to support the enthusiasm about the fascinating and complex culture of European wine, see for example http://cultureofwine.univie.ac.at/. Additionally a main goal is to develop and pilot a highly-professional wine culture training for initial and continuing vocational wine education and training in vegetarian and vegan gastronomy. The European Union funded for example the project www.vegucation.eu with about half a million Euro and the EWCVG also tries to apply for such funding.  As part of the educational food project VegCulture.net we select and recommend from all European wine regions interesting organic wineries for the vegetarian and vegan gastronomy. 
Please visit the EWCVG selected organic wineries in Austria - France - Italy - Spain - Portugal and the vegetarian restaurants / bistros all over Europe and USA.
And since 2000 – every first Friday a month – tastes the
www.ViennaVeggieWineClub.net = vegCulture/wine/Vienna around 20 of the selected wineries at the stylish www.Yamm.at  Most valuable inspiration for the EWCVG we received from the 1933 founded International Wine and Food Society  and the worldwide leading WSET -Wine and Spirit Education Trust. The EWCVG as part of the non-profit gastronomic network vegculture.net supports at University of Vienna the vegetarian food and wine culture research area. The EWCVG works therefore for establishing an interesting and useful wine culture with the knowledge and heritage of members of the leading European wine organizations, like European Confederation of Independent Winegrowers - ECIW  Assemblée des Régions Européennes Viticoles - AREV,  Comité Européen des Entreprises Vins - CEEV ,  European Federation of Origin Wines- EFOW,  and Wine in Moderation Programme. And certainly we exchange information with members of the official international organic umbrella organization IFOAM EuropeAlso we try to attend the leading European wine trade fairs. PS: The VVWC was portrait on two pages in the leading Austrian newspaper Wiener Zeitung.  - Special thanks goes to our main Austrian organic vegan wine partner Landauer-Gisperg and www.delinat.com the leading organic wine reseller in Europe.

Basics about vegan wine.

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