A / Vienna: Kahlenberg

A / Vienna: Tian

A / Vienna: Tian

The 2018 schedule for the official tasting of the www.ViennaVeggieWineClub.net
Tasting starts around 7 p.m. normally every first Friday a month, at the Veggie restaurant Yamm, www.yamm.at 1010 Vienna, Universitätsring 10 in the city center of Vienna.
We would be very glad to welcome there and introduce you to the European especially Austrian wine culture. Since 2000 we offer also guided tours and seminars on this topic.


Friday, 2. February

Friday, 2. March

Friday, 6. April

Friday, 4. May

Friday, 1. June

Friday, 6. July

----------- August is no official tasting

Friday, 7. September

Friday, 5. October

Friday, 2. November

Friday, 7. December


A / Winery Landauer-Gisperg

D / Berlin: Lucky Leek